Artificial Kreativity is an experiment—a hypothesis: Can architecture change creativity (make it better) or can creativity change architecture (the way we think)?

From its early beginnings in 2002, Artificial Kreativity developed as a method to induce creative ideas. From free associations, juxtapositions, and surrealist thought, it was searching for the abstract, the unimaginable, something that didn’t exist, the irrational, and origins of creativity. Two decades later Artificial Kreativity resurfaces as a new experiment—a design studio exploring creative strategies for innovative and iconic buildings within the realms of architecture and design.

Our vision is to create architecture for imaginative, intelligent, and artistic designs. We envision a laboratory incubating innovative ideas for cultural change. We believe imagination and creativity are the forefront for cultural evolution. Why, because it is the element that drives innovation, intelligent ideas, and creative solutions.

At the core of Artificial Kreativity’s strategic concept are its experimental design studio, research development, and new technology metrics for enhanced design and production. These include digital design processes, innovation strategies, parametric design, prototyping, development of complex geometries, and multidisciplinary collaborations. These core elements are a tool pallet for enhancing the value of unique designs.