Cross Pollinator
Cross Pollinator Project

The Cross Pollinator Project is an architecture-led multidisciplinary educational workshop for high school students to early year professionals that aims to expose students to creative professions while offering support with professional development. Key to the workshop are portfolio reviews, portfolio development, presentations, networking sessions and essential skills to help them advance in their career. As we aim to inspire students to become the next generation of change, we want them to gain an understanding of how they can make a positive impact in their community with creativity at various scales from small inanimate objects to economies, social movements, culture, identity, and society.

What are our objectives?

• Inspiring students to become architects and creative professionals
• Giving them confidence to pursue and succeed in creative careers by exposing them to creative industries
• Giving them knowledge and skills that help them advance in their career path
• Connecting students with professional practices for work experience
• Creating an environment that is engaging and inspiring while offering a unique experience to think differently

Who is it for?

This is open to high school students, university students, early year professionals, and creative practitioners. With interests in, but not limited to, architecture, art, graphic design, illustration, innovation, and photography.

Why multidisciplinary?

Centered around the portfolio reviews is creative feedback from different professions to help foster new ideas and collaborations. As creative individuals, we each have a unique insight that is valuable and applied in different ways. We feel if you gain the same feedback from the same profession, you will produce the same work. We want individuals who attend our workshop to think differently and create change.

What are we changing?

Creative pathways are not always seen as viable career options and work needs to be done to give students the skills and confidence to pursue these routes. With more accessibility and exposure to the architecture and the creative professions, students can have the confidence to succeed in understanding how creativity can create change.

Who we are

We are an evolving team of creative professionals aiming to support the young creative community. While our core team includes architecture, art, graphic design and, photography our backgrounds and experience range widely from advertising, illustration, film, architecture, innovation, teaching, photo documentary, women in architecture, apprenticeship programs, play, gallery owners and much more. It is organized and led by Artificial Kreativity.

Our story

When Artificial Kreativity launched the Cross Pollinator Project we set out to level the playing field for students from all backgrounds and schools-private and public-to gain exposure to the architecture profession. Now, with its multidisciplinary experience we aim at making architecture and creative professions accessible to everyone. It's not just architecture that needs exposure but creative professions as well.
       This is based on our founder, Rafael Portillo's, experience of interviewing candidates for Cornell University‚Äôs architecture school in New York. After 10 years of meeting many international applicants and reviewing their portfolios, he wanted to support the young creative community by exposing them to architecture and helping them develop their careers. In 2022 the Cross Pollinator Project was launched at the London Festival of Architecture and is currently reaching out to a global community of architects and creatives to inspire individuals to be the next generation of change.

Support Us

We aim to make each Cross Pollinator event accessible to everyone at festivals and not charge admission fees. If you would like to contribute to offset the costs, please click on the button below. Ther are many ways you can help support us!

If you are part of a global creative community, an organization, or an individual interested in exposing students to architecture, we would love to hear from you.