Cross Pollinator

Global community of architects and creatives supporting students with portfolio development.

Cross Pollinator Project:
Portfolio Reviews

These one-to-one sessions are intended for students who are interested in architecture and those within various professions developing personal projects. This can be suitable for architects and non architects that want quick professional feedback on organizing their pieces, their content, presentation formats, ideas to improve, creating a portfolio, or simply asking questions about their work. Perhaps there are personal projects you are working on—book designs, art installations, photography works, etc. This can be your chance to present it to the reviewers within the various industries.

Our team

Our team is lead by Rafael Portillo, the director and founder of Artificial Kreativity. He is experimenting with a multidisciplinary approach to portfolio reviews by inviting a team of professionals from various creative industries to give feedback on your work. This can include architecture, art, photography, and graphic design. He believes creativity is not bound to one profession rather a creative ecosytem where collaborative thinking can foster new ideas

Our Story

Our story is based on Rafael’s more than 10 years of interviewing candidates for Cornell University’s architecture school in New York. After meeting many international applicants and reviewing their portfolios, he wanted to support the young community by exposing them to architecture and helping them develop their careers. In 2022 the Cross Pollinator Project was launched at the London Festival of Architecture and is currently reaching out to a global community of architects and creatives.


These are 20 minute one-to-one in person review sessions. Each participant will have the opportunity to receive 2 reviews from different professions.


This is aimed at students with an interest in architecture or associated architectural studies who would like feedback on organizing their work. We are also opening this to practioners across all creative generes or non architects who would like feedback from creative professionals on small projects.

University students, Foundation course, 6th Form, A Levels, High School, early year professionals

Open to:
non architects, creative practitioners

If you are part of a global creative community, an organization, or an individual interested in exposing students to architecture, we would love to hear from you.